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LCWS (Lancashire Computer Waste Services) is an Eco-Friendly FREE I.T. Recycling company that assists businesses, schools, colleges, Local authorities, and households across the UK in the recycling and safe secure disposal of their IT & electrical related equipment.

LCWS Recycling Ltd. have 2 generations in the business with Father and Son as Directors. David Bannister (father) and Jack Bannister (son) both work in the business on a daily basis.

We recycle Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Storage, Networking, Printers, Monitors, Projectors and all computer related Peripherals. This service includes collection, transportation, recycling, re-marketing reuse, data wiping or hard drive destruction.

In line with current WEEE Legislation, we offer a simple easy and free service in the recycling of redundant I.T. equipment.

With our recycling and disposal process, LCWS Recycling aim is to eliminate any unnecessary landfill of Items that may be of use to other companies or individuals.

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