IT Recycling

How does it work?

It is now a necessity under The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) to reuse, where possible, any waste computer or electrical equipment in order to increase the popularity of computer recycling which in turn will reduce the amounts of electrical good going to landfill.

Laptop recycling is an important part of WEEE as laptops contain toxic materials and substances deemed unsuitable for landfill. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) has been brought in to tackle landfill pollution. This perfectly suits the way we operate at LCWS.

The process of IT recycling involves the most thorough standards of data destruction and security is assured regarding hard drive destruction and confidential data disposal. Your online security and protection will not be jeopardised when you choose to recycle via LCWS. Find out more about our data destruction services here.

Nothing Goes To Waste


LCWS are specialists in IT recycling, our recycling capabilities enable us to send zero amounts of IT disposal to landfill, recycle 99% of unwanted computer equipment and make repairs where possible to faulty equipment in order to reduce the amount of waste from each computer.

Why choose LCWS?

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Our computer recycling services are free! We will collect from anywhere in the UK and will not charge for the collection of equipment! (subject to T&Cs).

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No collection is too big or too small, we will make multiple trips in order to ensure products are safely and legally disposed of causing minimal amounts of disruption to your organisation.
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We adhere to all laws and regulations carefully and properly recycling so you don't need to worry about toxic pollution.
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We pride ourselves in offering our free IT recycling collection service with a friendly smile to our clients.

We have a detailed list of everything we recycle, just click here to find out more!

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Want to know what paperwork you will receive with your collection? Click here to find out!

Case Studies

Our computer recycling is there to find a home for equipment that is of no use to others. We work directly with various colleges, schools and organisations to recycle and replace their old equipment and turn it into newer, more robust electrical.To find out more about some of our case studies click the links below.

Contact us now to see how we can help your business get rid of unwanted IT equipment.

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